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World Blood Donor Day

Today, Wednesday 14th June, We are joining Pet Blood Bank UK in celebrating World Blood Donor day! We are recognising brilliant, heroic hounds across the country who help save lives by donating blood. Just like people, sick animals often need blood transfusions. In many cases a blood transfusion can save an animals life! Blood is used for many purposes including trauma,surgery and disease. One donation of blood can save up to four lives.
We have been holding sessions with Pet Blood Bank since February 2016 and would love to welcome more life savers to our next session on Saturday 12th August. To register,please visit www.petbloodbankuk.org or call the surgery on 01908 397777 and ask for Jess. Please help us spread the word on this important day.
Below are just a few of our amazing donors. # Heroic Hounds ❤
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Our Veterinary Team has grown

During the start of 2017, we welcomed two new additions to our veterinary team expanding and increasing our knowledge and expertise.

Heather Fordham joined us as a Saturday vet initially, however has now increased her hours with us. Heather graduated from Glasgow University in 1988 and has a special interest in feline and chicken medicine. Outside of work, she is a big netball enthusiast along with having two children, two cats and a husband to look after.

Marina Crockford joined us in January this year on a full-time basis after previously working in Cardiff for the last 29 years. She has a strong interest in surgery including orthopaedics. In her spare time, Marina likes to hit the slopes in the winter and go cycling for the rest of the year.
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The manufacturer of our rabbit vaccines is currently experiencing a temporary shortage in supply. However, we have managed to source a multi-dose vaccine. This multi-dose vaccine needs to be used within 4 hours of opening and therefore we need to group rabbits requiring vaccines together.
We are holding a rabbit vaccination clinic at our Walnut Tree Hospital on: • Saturday 17th June – morning appointments
Due to the inconvenience this may cause, we are offering a 25% DISCOUNT* on Myxomatosis vaccinations until supplies return to normal.
We are anticipating normal stock to resume from the start of July.
Please call 01908 397777 to book an appointment.
*Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and can only be used on a Rabbit Vaccine Clinic date.
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Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month

Throughout May, MK Vet Group will be supporting Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month. The aim of this campaign is to spread the word about the importance of the role of the veterinary nurse within veterinary practices.

Every day working as a veterinary nurse is different – no two pets are the same and each one is treated as an individual.
Did you know that a Veterinary Nurse can also…..
Position patients for X-rays and ultrasounds, Take and run blood samples, Place intravenous catheters, Place urinary catheters, Monitor critical patients, Carry out minor surgical procedures such as removing a lipoma (fatty lump), Using the microscope to evaluate all manner of samples, Calculate the exact number of calories a patient needs per day, along with fluid requirements and urinary output, Assist the Vet in surgical procedures, Revive neonates (puppies and kittens!) during a caesarian section, Assist with CPR of patients who have undergone cardiac arrest, Administer all manner of medication (be it oral, topical, under the skin, into a muscle or veins, Administer oxygen therapy to patients who may be experiencing difficulty breathing, Carry out nursing consultations, Administer second vaccinations, Take blood pressure readings, Update owners of patients who are staying with us for longer periods of time and arrange visits, Triage emergency cases, Support owners through the times where euthanising their pet may be necessary, and ensuring that your pet is always treated with dignity, Giving advice on behavioural problems, Keep the practice clean and tidy and ensure everybody has had enough tea / coffee, Ensuring that we have enough stock of all the drugs and consumables used on a day to day basis, Help on the reception desk, advising clients over the phone
… And this is just the start. Aren’t we busy bees?
If you or someone you know are considering a career as a Veterinary Nurse, please visit http://www.rcvs.org.uk/education/i-want-to-be-a-veterinary-nurse/ or http://www.bvna.org.uk/a-career-in-veterinary-nursing/a-career-in-veterinary-nursing.
If you have any further questions, please contact the practice to speak to one of our nurses, we would be happy to help.
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