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Jill Jab Booking

Would you be interested in the Jill Jab for your ferret?

In recent years, reproductive management advice for ferrets has changed.

Jill ferrets reach sexual maturity in the first spring after birth. Increased day length stimulates oestrus in the Jill between March – September. The Jill ferret will remain in oestrus until she is mated or until day length decreases.

Remaining in oestrus for long periods of time can cause serious life-threatening illness in the Jill. The hormones which cause oestrus also suppress the production of blood cells. If this goes on for a long period of time, the Jill can become severely anaemic. The aim of breeding control in Jills is to prevent illness due to prolonged oestrus and to prevent unwanted litters.

The Jill Jab is an injection of Proligesterone that can be used to suppress oestrus in the Jill. This is traditionally referred to as the ‘Jill jab.’ This injection is given when the Jill first comes into oestrus, usually in March. A single injection once yearly is sufficient for most Jills. However, some Jills will come back into oestrus 3-5 months later and will require a second injection in July. Jills must be closely monitored for signs of returning to oestrus.

We are eager to hold a Jill Jab clinic at one of our branches with our small furries veterinary surgeon Pav Brain. Unfortunately this injection is only available in a multidose vial and needs to be used within 4 hours of opening and therefore we need to group ferrets together.

Express your interest in the Jill Jab for your Ferret

This form is not a confirmed booking, what we trying to establish is how much of the Jill Jab we need to order to cover everyone who wishes to have the Jab for their Ferret. A practice manager will be in touch to confirm dates and times to bring your Ferret to one of our branches.

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