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Keeping pets safe during the warmer weather and when visiting the practice

Milton Keynes Veterinary Group
In the last few weeks we have had some warmer weather, please bear in mind our pets aren’t able to cope as well in warmer weather. Therefore as owners, we need to make sure they are safe, cool, healthy and happy.

Hot cars are one of the biggest health concerns during the warmer months. Animals should never be left in a locked car when it’s hot outside. Even if the window is open, temperatures can increase to extreme levels very quickly. As a result, pets suffer from heatstroke.
If you are traveling to the surgery for an appointment and you are waiting outside in a car, please be mindful and use air conditioning where possible. There are water bowls accessible outside the practice. Please use these as needed whilst remembering to keep your distance from each other.

Other considerations for owners during the warmer climate:

Animals can get sunburnt too just like us! If they will be exposed to the sunlight, apply sun cream to white and pink areas of their skin and importantly the tip of the ears. Animals with lighter coloured fur will be more prone.

FROZEN TREATS Animals will love to have something cool, so why not pop your dog’s Kong in the freezer for a nice cool and refreshing treat. You can also use frozen water bottles wrapped in a towel and pop it in their bed for our cats and small furries

Our smaller pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs can be more at risk more quickly in the hotter temperatures. To reduce the chance of flystrike, check around their bottoms for fly eggs or maggots. This should be checked at least once a day. There are preventative treatments for Flystrike which last around 6 weeks depending on the product.

We advise to walk your dog during the cooler times of the day such as early morning or late evening. If it is still too hot to walk them, give them a rest of the evening. It is safer for them to not have a walk than to be at risk of heatstroke.

After walking your dog, it is a good idea to check their feet for any grass seeds. If these are left, they can track under the dog’s skin and cause swelling and lameness. They can also be found in dog’s ears!

Signs to look out for include collapse, rapid panting, excessive drooling and sticky gums. Provide your pet with plenty of fresh, clean drinking water and provide a shaded area. If you are worried that you pet is suffering from heatstroke, please seek veterinary advice immediately.

Prevent your pet from sitting in direct sunlight, provide a shaded area and move hutches and cages if necessary.
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Telephone Consultations at MK Vet Group – we are still here for you and your pet

Milton Keynes Veterinary Group
We are still here for you and your pet.

As we are currently advising clients to only attend our surgery in an essential circumstances including urgent cases and vaccinations of high risk disease, but do not worry our veterinary surgeons are providing telephone consultations for any concerns you may have.

Our vets can discuss your pet’s issue over the phone and you can email pictures to us at mkvetgroup@hotmail.com to assist them if required.

Please click here to request a telephone consultation. Details and price for our telephone consultations are included in the link.

We are still here if you need us.
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Congratulations Caroline

Milton Keynes Veterinary Group
We want to say a massive Congratulations to our amazing nurse Caroline, who has achieved her Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour with Distinction.

We are so proud of Caroline and all the hard work she has put into gaining her certificate.
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How you can help reduce stress for your cat at home during this time

Reducing stress in our feline friends during COVID-19

Our fabulous Nurse Caroline has made a fantastic video to outline how you can help reduce stress for your cat at home during this time. We have seen a dramatic increase in cases of urinary blockages over the last few weeks and this is most commonly a result of increased stress levels.There has been many changes for us to adjust to and we mustn’t forget that this is also a stressful and uncertain time for our pets too. We hope this video helps to keep your feline friends comfortable and as stress-free as possible!🐱❤️International Cat Care

Posted by Milton Keynes Veterinary Group on Friday, 24 April 2020
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How can I help my cat lose weight?

If you feel your cat is overweight, or would like to discuss their diet, we run SHAPE clinics at Walnut Tree or Stony Stratford surgeries with a Registered Veterinary Nurse. Call us to find out regarding the availability.

In the meantime there are ways to help your cat at home, such as weighing out their recommended daily food to control their portion sizes. However, these allowances may need to be adjusted due to factors such as age, gender, and breed. Unfortunately the recommended daily food allowance is not a one guide fits all, and each brand will have their own suggestions.

If you like to give your cat treats then these need to be taken into consideration with their daily food allowance. Treats are fine in moderation, but you will need to reduce the amount of normal food to allow for how many you have given.

Cats should never have a big change to their diet, a slow and steady weight loss is ideal as sudden weight loss can cause further medical issues. You may not see weight change every day so regular weighing is a useful way to monitor progress. In most cases it can take up to a year for an obese cat to achieve its ideal weight.

The same as humans, exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight. Typically an indoor cat will be a higher risk of being obese as their exercise levels will be lower than outdoor cats. Ways to get cats to be more active can include feedings balls, which encourage them to work to get their food, again making sure this is within their normal daily allowance. Playing with your cat will also encourages them to exercise, as well as providing bonding time with them.
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