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Guidance regarding coronavirus and cats

Milton Keynes Veterinary Group
A statement was recently issued by DEFRA who confirmed that a pet cat in England had tested positive for COVID-19 following tests at the Animal Plant Health Agency (APHA) on 22nd July. The cat only showed mild signs of the virus, and has since made a full recovery.

We appreciate that at this time pet owners may be worried about this news, but would like to reassure our clients that there is still no evidence that infected pets can pass COVID-19 directly to humans. There are only a small number of cases where COVID-19 has been diagnosed in pets worldwide, and transmission was from an infected human to the animal.

Our advice remains if you have COVID-19, or are self-isolating with symptoms, to restrict contact with your pets as a precautionary measure and to ensure good hygiene standards such as regular hand washing. The virus can potentially be present on your pets’ fur, in the same way it is on other surfaces, further highlighting the important of maintaining good hygiene at all times.
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Minimising Stress Post Lockdown

  • Milton Keynes Veterinary Group
    Many pets and their owners have had their normal routine disrupted over the past few months. As you find yourself returning to work after several weeks at home, you may find your pet starts to show signs of separation anxiety and potentially adverse behaviour patterns. As a veterinary practice, we expect there may be a rise in behavioural issues in pets, with separation anxiety being the number one contributing factor.

    Unfortunately for behavioural problems, there is no quick solution but you can help by using a combination of:
    • Training Programmes
    • Environmental enrichment
    • Pheromones
    • Pharmaceuticals
    Training and the environment are especially important in resolving behavioural issues, particularly for separation anxiety. If over the last few months you have spent more time at home than normal, your pet will have become accustomed to this extra time with you.

    Here are a few ideas to help your pet when you leave the house in preparation to when you may return to normal routine:
    • Increase the time you are spending away from your pet gradually
    • When you leave the house give your pet a safe toy to keep them distracted
    • When you return home, make sure you greet your pet in a calm manner
    • Leave clothes that you have recently worn as a comfort for your pet
    • Make sure your pet still gets regular exercise and play time
    • Create a safe place for them to reside when you are not at home
    What are pheromone replacements?

    Pheromone replacements for dogs are a synthetic replication of the dog appeasing pheromone that is naturally released by the dog’s mother to provide comfort and reassurance. There are also pheromone replacements for cats which is a synthetic replication of the feline facial pheromone when they rub their face on people, furniture, doorways and other objects.

    We have different pheromone products available at Milton Keynes Veterinary Group, please contact us if you would like advice and which may be suitable for your pet. These remedies are available over the counter.

    Through a combination of both behavioural training and pheromone replacements you can help your pet adapt to their new normal.
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    A Milton Keynes Vet Group Update – Behind Closed Doors

    Milton Keynes Veterinary Group
    We have been working extremely hard to get our surgeries ready for when we can invite our clients back into the building!

    Our reception desk now has protective screens and we will have separate waiting bays for our clients to wait in.

    We have clear 2 meter markings on the floor to help people distance themselves from one another.

    Our amazing team have been cleaning the practice inside and out thoroughly to keep us and you safe.

    For now we ask that you continue to let us know when you are outside and use our online services as much as possible.

    We thank you for your continual co-operation and support and we look forward to inviting you back in to our surgeries as soon as we can.

    Stay safe everybody
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    Guidance regarding cats and coronavirus

    Milton Keynes Veterinary Group
    On 8th April 2020, the BBC released a statement regarding keeping your cats indoors during lockdown. We would like to clarify that this statement from the British Veterinary Association (BVA) is not advising all cats to be kept indoors. Only cats that are living within households where individuals are infected with COVID-19 are being advised to stay inside, and then only if your feline friend is happy to do so – some cats may not be able to due to stress-related medical conditions.

    The reason this is advised for cats living in households with infected individuals is that the virus could be on their fur in the same way it could be present on other surfaces. Therefore it is essential to maintain good hygiene when handling your pet at this time.

    As per our previous statement regarding Coronavirus and our pets, the World Health Organisation of Animal Health (OIE) have advised that: “There is no evidence that dogs (or cats) can contract or spread infection of COVID-19.” Pet owners are at no more risk from their furry friends than they are inanimate objects such as a door handle. The best approach is still to stick to good hygiene, using soap and water to wash hands regularly throughout the day.

    Read full BVA statement here – www.bva.co.uk/news-and-blog/news-article/bva-statement-on-cats-and-covid-19
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