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Laura Austin
Laura Austin RVN Cert VN ECC – Head Nurse 
Laura started her nursing career in 2008 at a local Veterinary Clinic and qualified in 2010. She then joined Milton Keynes Veterinary Group in June 2012. She has 3 cats called Taz, Rococo and Roger. All 3 are rescue cats! Her family also has 2 German Shepherd dogs, Storm and Hugo. The cats particularly enjoy going for a walk with the dogs in the morning. In her free time she enjoys running, reading and going on hot holidays!

Susan Gartside
Susan Gartside RVN – Client Care Nurse 
Susie began her nursing career in 1988 at the practice 20 years ago!! In 2007, she moved across to the Vets Now emergency night service within MKVG as a critical care and emergency nurse where she remained until 2011. She returned to MKVG as a full time RVN initially but jumped at the chance to become Group Reception Manager, which she found very rewarding. She now works at our Stoke Road branch as a Client Care Nurse. She is passionate about client care which she really enjoys. Her spare time is taken up with her teenage daughter, their horse Diva, and Scrappy our very odd looking but very gorgeous dog.

Sandra Buckingham
Sandra Buckingham RVN 
Sandra qualified as a veterinary nurse at a local practice in May 2004 shortly before joining us in June 2004 initially as part of our emergency team. She left in July 2005 to tour the world before re-joining our day nursing team in May 2006. In 2010 she left to have her first child, and now works part time at the walnut tree branch. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her two children and partner. She has 2 cats, Penny and Frankie, who both came into the practice as strays, and 2 dogs, Harvey and Holly. One of which also came into the practice as a stray!

Kelly Marie
Kelly-Marie Wainwright RVN 
Kelly has worked here since she left school in 2002, so the practice has been like her second family. In her spare time she enjoys doing arts & crafts, going to the ballet and looking after her three legged cat called Herbie.

Caroline Stevens
Caroline Stevens BSc (Hons), RVN, Dip AVN, Dip He CVN, SQP, ISFM Dip FM 
Caroline has been in practice since 2007, qualified in 2011. She have completed her Advanced Nursing Diploma in Clinical Veterinary Nursing and has recently completed her Diploma in Feline Nursing through ISFM. Her main interests are in feline medicine and behaviour, limiting stress in the hospital environment is also very important to her. She spends Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at our Stoke Road branch for our cat clinic days, where they carryout vet and nurse consultations as well as routine procedures in a stress free, quiet environment. She also spends the majority of her time looking after the hospitalised patient’s at Walnut Tree and is a clinical coach, supporting and mentoring our student veterinary nurses. Caroline is also the Cat Advocate for the practice and is responsible for ensuring adherence to the principles of ISFM’s Cat Friendly Clinic. Please feel free to ask her any questions about the Cat Friendly Clinic scheme. At home she has two very spoilt cats, Lucy Goose and Mitch.

Alison Kirk
Alison Kirk RVN 
Alison has been working at the Walnut Tree branch for 7 years now. She has a Siberian Husky called Lexi, a cat called Alvin and a parrot called Jerry. She enjoys going on long walks with her dog.

Cara Palacio
Cara Palacio RVN 
Cara Palacio started her first job in the veterinary field with us in June 2004. She completed her initial nursing examinations in 2005 and passed her final nursing examinations in 2007.

Maria Coleman
Maria Coleman RVN BSc (Hons), NCert (Anaesth), ISFM DipFN, Dip (PBC)
Maria joined MKVG in July 2015 having previously trained and worked in a small animal practice in Oxfordshire for 6 years. She qualified in 2013, and since then has gone on to complete a Certificate in Anaesthesia, a Diploma in Feline Nursing, and a Diploma in Pet Bereavement Counselling, with further plans to complete a Surgical Certificate in 2020. Surgical and theatre nursing are a particular interest, and Maria often often cover Cat Clinics at Stoke Road when Caroline is away. Maria has two cats, Freya and Astrid (who was bought in as a stray) and they are both very spoilt. In her spare time Maria is a keen runner and has taken part in many events over the years, whilst raising money for various animal charities. The Great North Run and the Great South Run are particular favourites.

Elinor Brewer
Elinor Brewer RVN 
Elinor qualifed as a Veterinary Nurse in July 2016 while working at a busy Veterinary Hospital in south Hertfordshire. After a short time at a practice in Aylesbury she joined the MK Vet Group in June 2017. Elinor has a keen interest in surgical, theatre and labratory work. At home Elinor has a dwarf guniea pig, Minnie, who was rescued from a previous work place and a cat, Hugo, who came into us here as a road traffic accident. When not working she enjoys trips to the cinema with her partner and spending time with family and friends.

Natasha Fisher
Natasha Fisher RVN 
Natasha qualified in October 2016 with a Degree in Veterinary Nursing and Animal Behaviour and joined MK Vet Group in July 2017. She is particularly interested in physiotherapy and exotic nursing. At home, Natasha has a very cute beagle puppy called Quill. Her hobbies include drawing and playing guitar when she is not out walking and exploring Milton Keynes.

Emma Thornton
Emma Thornton RVN 
Emma qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in January 2018 whilst working in a busy Northamptonshire practice. She then joined MK Vet Group in the April of the same year, when she moved back to the area, having always brought her own pets to the Stony Stratford branch as a child! She has a love of all nursing aspects, particularly surgical and medical nursing and working with exotics. When she is not caring for animals at work, she is kept busy by her own mini zoo at home, including two cats; Lily and Hero, the three-legged rescue from my previous practice, six Guinea Pigs, Hodor the Hamster, Tokio the Bearded Dragon, Georgie the Panther Chameleon and Seph the Corn Snake! In whatever spare time is left over she enjoys country walks/cycles with her partner and spending time with her family.

Emma is currently on Maternity Leave.

Tabitha Saltzer
Tabitha Saltzer RVN 
Tabitha qualified from the College of Animal welfare in August 2019 with a Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. After initially completing a year of a degree course in nursing, Tabitha decided that training to be a veterinary nurse on the job would suit her much better. She enjoys all aspects of nursing and has a particular interest in the nursing of exotic species and running clinics. Tabitha has a passion for exotic and zoo animals and plans to complete a veterinary placement in South Africa. Her dream job is working with the orangutan orphans in Borneo but in the meantime, she hopes to attain her further qualification in emergency and critical care alongside a specialist exotics qualification. In her spare time, Tabitha enjoys staying active by playing netball, going to the gym and spending the winter months snowboarding in the Alps.

Michelle Hogg
Michelle Hogg RVN 
Michelle qualified as a Veterinary nurse in 2018. She worked at MKVG once before as Veterinary Care Assistant before she left to start her Nursing training. She has a passion for nutrition and has run weight clinics at her previous practice and has now started to run them every Monday. She is also hoping to start some other nutrition based clinics soon. Outside of work she enjoys bouldering and climbing at the Big Rock centres and also has two dogs, Diggers the spaniel and Wally the westie, who she enjoys weekend hiking adventures with.

Naomi Leicester
Naomi Leicester RVN
Naomi qualified as an RVN in Summer 2019 from the Royal Veterinary College and found a place at Rossdale’s Equine Hospital in Newmarket. She decided to come back to Milton Keynes at the start of November 2019 to work with small animals. She has a rescue Lurcher called Lilly and a horse called Finn, and has played rugby for Olney Ladies since 2016.

Sam Shingfield
Sam Shingfield RVN 
Sam joined the Milton Keynes Veterinay Group team in January 2020. She qualified as a nurse in 2012 and has worked in the veterinary industry since 2005. Sam loves inpatient care and has an interest in lab work, particularly urine and ear cytology. Most of her spare time is taken up by her young daughter, but when she gets the chance she is a keen baker. Same also has a rescue cat called Rolo.

Courtney Lethbridge
Courtney Lethbridge RVN 
Courtney Qualified with a degree in veterinary nursing in 2017 while working at a busy Practice in Northampton, and joined MK Vet Group in August 2020. She has a keen interest in behaviour and exotics, which she hopes to further her knowledge in. Out of work she enjoys socialising with friends and going out for walks, she also keeps busy at home with her cat Inky and ferret Vinnie

Jade Deegan
Jade Deegan RVN 
Jade has been working in the veterinary industry for the last 5 years, working her way from a Kennel Assistant to a Registered Veterinary Nurse. She completed her training in August 2018, and became Registered in November 2018. She joined MK Vet Group in October 2020. Jade is currently completing a certificate in medical nursing, expanding her knowledge on diseases of dogs and cats. This interest came when her own cat Bruno was diagnosed with Kidney disease 2 years ago, and she wanted to learn more about the disease, and provide the best care for him. At home she has 2 cats, Betsy and Bruno, and German Shepherd puppy called Bee, keeping her very busy when not at work!

Claire Duff
Claire Duff – Nursing Assistant
Claire joined MKVG in 2003 as a student nurse and qualified as a VN in 2006. In 2013 she decided to take a break from clinical practice, but after a 6 year break Claire has decided to dip her toe back in the veterinary waters and has rejoined the practice. Claire is currently undertaking a period of supervised practice to bring her VN skills back up to date and increase her confidence in practice. After this period of supervision Claire will be able to apply to become a Registered VN again. Claire is a self-confessed crazy cat lady. She has a most handsome black cat called Oreo. He was in need of a home and Claire was in need of a cat!! In her spare time Claire loves cuddling Oreo, walking her boyfriend’s parents crazy JRT Deefa, going to the cinema and taking part in musical theatre productions.

Emily Day
Emily Day – Animal Care Assistant 
Emily started working for Milton Keynes Veterinary Group at the beginning of summer 2016, after working at a kennels and cattery for the last 10 years. She is currently studying to be a Veterinary Care Assistant, and is really enjoying the new challenge in her career. She has two dogs, two cats, a guinea pig, a tortoise and four chickens to keep her busy at home.

Harleigh Duffy
Harleigh Duffy – Animal Care Assistant
​ Harleigh has previously worked as an emergency out of hours Veterinary Care Assistant for the last year and a half at a practice in Northampton. She plans to continue to develop her current skills here at MK Vet Group and become a Registered Veterinary Nurse. She has two kittens and a border collie at home as well as two beautiful horses. In her spare time she like to be outside with her horses, riding and taking care of them.

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