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Pet Travel Guidelines for the New Year – 2021

Milton Keynes Veterinary Group
We appreciate there is lots of uncertainty around Brexit, as well as general travel with the current restrictions in place. If you are considering taking your pet abroad next year if and when these restrictions are lifted, you may need to consider additional requirements well in advance of your travel date if there is a change to the current pet travel guidelines.

We hope the application for the UK to be noted as a ‘listed’ country post Brexit is successful, and if this is the case we expect minimal changes regarding travelling to Europe with your pet.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing at this stage if this application will be accepted and the UK could be categorised as an ‘unlisted’ country. When a country is noted as ‘unlisted’, there are additional requirements that will need to be completed a minimum of four months prior to travel.

This process will include:
  • Having your pet microchipped
  • A rabies vaccination (this can be started from twelve weeks of age)
  • A blood sample will be required thirty days after having the rabies vaccination
  • The sample will be sent to an EU- approved blood laboratory for testing
  • Once the results of the blood sample are received, you will be informed by your vet
  • Your pet will be required to wait three months from a successful blood sample before being able to travel
  • An Animal Health Certificate will be required for travel, signed by an Official Veterinarian no more than ten days prior to your travel departure date
The Animal Health Certificate will provide onward travel within the UK for four months after the date of issue, and re-entry to Great Britain for four months after the date of issue.

If you have any questions regarding travelling with your pet in 2021, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01908 397777 or click here to visit the government website

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